Super Extended Basic

The Super Extended Basic cartridge from Triton added many new calls and commands than what came with TI's Extended Basic. With the Multi-Mod addition from John Guion this became one of the most useful cartridges on the market.

I recieved mine from John Creviston Jr. and he created what I will call the "Super-Mod". Not only did he program into the PROM the 3 programs that came with the Multi-Mod upgrade but also added 17 more programs. This one cartridge contains the programs listed below:

Disk Manager III
Video Games I
Space Journey

Math Games VI
Black Jack & Poker
Verb Viper
Card Shark
Connect Four
Car Wars

Touch Typing
Hunt the Wampus
Meteor Multiplication

As you can see, this paticular cartridge is very handy to have around. This cartridge also has the "Widget" fix.


Here are a couple of screen shots from the SEB. Notice the "Call Clock", this allowed a software clock to run in the upper righthand corner of the screen. It wasn't real accurate as it was interupt driven, and tend to loose time.

An inside look at the cartridge

The circuit board as seen from the bottom

The circuit board as seen from the top

You can download the SEB manual here.

(pdf 7.3 meg)

Below is the phamplet and a picture of the installation instructions to add John Guion's Multi-Mod upgrade.

Have four modules in one with:

The MULTI-MOD is an upgrade kit for owners of Triton's Super Extended BASIC module that provides Editor/Assembler, Disk ManagerIII, and TI-Writer in addition to Super Extended BASIC. Once installed, the MULTI-MOD will allow the user to select any of the four modules from the TI menu screen. Selecting any module is just a matter of pressing a couple of keys. No switches, cartridge expanders, or swapping of modules is required.

Not only does the MULTI-MOD save wear on the module port,fewer operating errors caused by poorly seated modules will result. The need for cartridge expanders can be eliminated, contributing to the ease of typing. Since all four modules can be accessed by the computer, the MULTIóMOD also allows the user to write programs that access the cabilities of the other modules.

The MULTI-MOD is completely compatible with the original Super Extended BASIC. The Editor/Assembler and TI-Writer provide all the functions of the original modules while the Disk Manager III provides convenient enhancements to the Disk Manager II module. With the new Disk Manager, drives up to an including DSK9 may be accessed as either single or double sided and single or double density. Help screens with complete listings of error codes are available and the PIO printer port is now selectable as a menu option. The Disk Manager is compatible with TI, CorComp, or Myarc disk controllers.

The only tool needed to install the MULTI-MOD upgrade kit is a flat-blade screwdriver (used to open the module case and remove chips). The MULTI-MOD plugs into existing sockets and no soldering is required. An illustrated installation guide is included in the MULTI-MOD manual. The MULTI-MOD may ONLY be used in a triton Super Extended Basic module.

The MULTI-MOD kit includes the MULTI-MOD upgrade, an instruction manual describing how to use the MULTI-MODís features, and one diskette with the necessary support files for Editor/Assembler and TI-Writer. (Note: Complete manuals for the additional modules are not included with the MULTI-MOD. These are available from Texas Instruments.)

To order, send $22.95 (cash or check, please) to:

John Guion
11923 Quincy Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

(Super Extended BASIC is a trademark of Triton Products Company)