2004 Chicago Faire

The 22nd Chicago International Faire has now come and gone....

A good time was enjoyed by all, and I wish to thank the Chicago's TI user group for their GREAT hospitality....

Irv Levinson (Treasurer) & Al Antonowitz (Membership), Of the Chicago TI User Group manned the Chicago TI User Group's table, and made sure everyone was registered and had door prize tickets.

Richard Bell is setting up his table, with parts, and several of the Jeff Brown Interrupt boards on hand. All of the boards sold at the fair, and Richard took orders for several more of them.

Vic Steerup, President of the Chicago TI User Group, had an excellent MBX setup running during the faire. He has a very nice collection of modules to go along with it.

Charles Good had a table with many rare hex bus peripherals on display. He also gave an interesting seminar on the history and workings of the CC40 and it's hex bus peripherals.

Tim Tesch had a table setup showing his "PC Case" Geneve and also was selling several boxes of TI program disks, and some horizon cards. A lot of interesting "Geneve" talk was also provided!

Bruce Maret had a table with many DVD's from past TI faires. He had several of them showing all day long. Bruce has many DVD's for sale, and in the store section of this web site you can see his inventory.

Ron Reuter (me, not pictured here) had a table with information about the new TI-99'ers Hall of Fame. So far 8 members have been inducted, including Bill Gaskill (pictured) next to one of the displays.

Berry Harmsen from Holland, brought with him 2 SNUG EVPC2 80 column cards from Germany. Berry gave a seminar on these cards at the faire. He also gave out a CD full of programs from all over Europe.

Here is a picture of the 2 EVPC2 cards. These cards are of the highest quality.

Pictured here is Bill Gaskill, historian and programmer extraordinaire, and Hal Shanafield organizer of this and of many faires over many years! I had a chance to chat with Bill and I can't believe the wealth of information this man knows!!! Hal did a great job as usual, as did the whole club!

Ron Reuter (me) looking a bit wide eyed at some of the stuff I picked up at the faire! Always interesting items to be had!

At the faire were 3 tables of FREE! TI stuff. A lot of hardware and software items for the taking! Carlos Randolph, Richard Bell, and Mike Hatthaway are checking out some of the items.

Another shot of the FREE tables, showing Harold Mayo, and Bill Gaskill looking through the goodies!!

Bruce Maret, gave a nice seminar on preserving the video tapes from past fairs by moving them to DVD format. Bruce has many of these, and does have them for sale. Bruce had a very nice DVD set from the 1994 Lima Ohio MUG which he gave away as a door prize. (the lucky winner was me!!). Bruce has also filmed several of the past TI faires.

While Ernie Pergrem prepares for his seminar (the last of the day), Hal gives information for the post faire banquet.

Ernie gave a most informative seminar on the new IDE card. There have been a lot of questions on the IDE card and Ernie answered all of them.

Jerry Neal looks excited as Hal fixes him up with a complete TI system from the free table. Jerry is a very noted programmer and mathematician at Indiana University, and hopefully we can look forward to some new TI software from him.